Best Looks: Rihanna

Charting the pop star’s standout style moments.

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24 Hours in New York With Olivier Rousteing

“Oooh, look, it’s Balmain!, said EVERYONE!

Oliver Rousteing

On the eve of opening Balmain’s New York flagship, Olivier Rousteing hits the town with Lynn Yaeger.

“Oooh, look, it’s Balmai!n” shrieks a person, whose gender it is impossible to discern in the dark, at the GMHC Latex Ball. Despite the lack of light, the fan insists on a selfie with Olivier Rousteing, and the creative director of Balmain—on a flying visit to his beloved Manhattan from his home in Paris—is happy to oblige.

Rousteing, 30, is in town in anticipation of two major brand-building events. There is the imminent opening of the new Balmain boutique in the U.S., being erected in the heart of SoHo. Designed by Studio KO, the team responsible for London’s Chiltern Firehouse, the shop is meant to evoke an imaginary pied-à-terre that might have belonged to Pierre Balmain, down to the mid-century-modern French furniture. And at the other end of the spectrum—but maybe not!—there’s the just-launched Balmain x H&M collaboration, which offers the designer’s cool, sexed-up vision at extremely reasonable prices.


Power Couple: Rousteing, with muse Kendall Jenner. Jenner wears a Balmain suede dress; Balmain, NYC.

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By: Evie R.

Hello Kitty themed girls room designed and painted by Ginger V. and myself. Custom made pillow set and valences also made by us. We  can create any theme for boys or girls! Shoot us an email, lets get your prince or princess the room of their dreams!

2012-04-08 10.30.53  2012-08-19 17.08.03     2012-08-19 17.08.31  2012-08-19 17.09.08    2012-04-08 10.50.02  2012-08-19 17.13.02   2012-04-08 10.50.30  2012-04-08 10.40.36 2012-04-08 10.40.20  2012-04-08 10.39.42   2012-04-08 10.33.34    2012-04-08 10.32.09      2012-04-08 10.32.44  2012-08-28 14.42.28   2012-08-28 14.43.01






By: Evie R.

This is a New York City apartment which was entirely redone to reflect a Dominican Republic Country Home or Casa de Campo as we say in Spanish. All the wall art, murals and canvases are painted by hand, it is not wall paper. This entire apartment from murals to interior decor, was done by my partner Ginger V. and myself. Who said you have to go over seas to live in a “Casa de Campo?” We can create any theme you may have in mind. Just fill out the form below and submit your inquiry.

2012-04-08 10.57.11   2012-08-26 11.55.07 2012-04-08 10.56.42   2012-04-08 11.01.37  2012-04-08 11.02.45   2012-08-19 13.03.30   2012-04-08 11.14.21   2012-04-08 11.14.49  2012-04-08 11.15.13   2012-04-08 11.09.48  2012-04-08 11.23.53  2012-04-08 11.24.49   2012-08-19 14.11.27  2012-04-08 11.24.25 2012-04-08 11.26.50  2012-04-08 11.25.49 2012-04-08 11.25.21  2012-08-27 21.34.33

CAM00542  CAM00544

2012-08-27 21.52.25  2012-08-27 22.57.46

2012-08-27 22.56.53



Anna Wintour’s Ideal Employee Has THESE Qualities!



We’ve already examined whether one must have a pedigree to work at Vogue(short answer: no, though there are some elite commonalities among staffers). So today we’re turning our eye toward a more specific angle: what it might take to become employed by the magazine’s leader herself, Anna Wintour. Much has been made of working under the fashion industry’s most influential woman—insert The Devil Wears Prada reference here—and since rumors and legend are only so satisfying, we decided to gather insight straight from the source herself. We gathered Wintour’s best quotes—some specifically on employee qualities she admires and others that are abstract remarks on traits she respects—to piece together a picture of the editor in chief’s ideal team member.

If you’ve ever dreamed about working at Vogue or if you simply find Wintour intriguing, scroll down to check out what she might be looking for the next time she makes an addition to the masthead.



Future Vogue employees, take note!


GRAPHIC: Diver Attacked By Shark Takes Gruesome Selfie (Video)


Braxton Rocha was badly wounded by a shark two days ago, but that didn’t stop him from posting a very graphic selfie of the wound.

The 27-year-old was spearfishing in waters 60 yards off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island on Sunday when a 13-foot tiger shark bit his left leg, according the the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Braxton Rocha shared images of his attack on an Instagram video before the footage was removed for being too graphic.

Rocha reportedly swam back to shore after the attack and a friend called for help. He was then loaded into the back of a private vehicle, where he took a selfie and posted it to Instagram.

“Just got attacked by a tiger shark! Hoo! Going to the hospital,” a grimacing Rocha says to the camera, before pointing it at the gaping wound and missing flesh on his left leg.

Rocha said his original video was removed from Instagram due its graphic nature, but we’ve included a YouTube version at the bottom of this article. If you’re sensitive to blood, cartoonist Drew Toonz recreated a PG cartoon version of Rocha’s selfie.


Rocha was taken to the North Hawaii Hospital in serious condition and underwent surgery on his left leg, the Hawaii Herald-Tribune reported. His condition was improving, according to Hawaii News Now.

Rocha was well enough to take another selfie from his hospital bed on Monday night, keeping his friends updated.

“I just wanted to personally thank everyone out there for their kind and loving words and all of the prayers sent my way,” Rocha wrote on his social media pages. “This kanaka [native Hawaiian] ain’t getting taken out that easily!”

He also expressed his respect for the ocean and addressed those who guessed his injury was fake.

“Can’t wait to get back into the water … No matter what, I’ll always love sharks and have so much respect for the top predator,” he wrote.

“To all the people that think my video was fake…all I have to say is I’m quite flattered that you think my badass level is something to admire and put down 😉 can’t help I handled it like a true champ…🙌”

WARNING: The video below is extremely graphic.


Source: GRAPHIC: Diver Attacked By Shark Takes Gruesome Selfie

Obviously, North West Stole Yeezy’s NYFW Show 

Kanye West presented his Yeezy Spring 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, but while everyone else was focused on the clothes, we were busy giving all our attention to little North West.


PHOTO: Yeezy Presents Spring 2016 Collection at NYFW 

Embed from Getty Images

The daughter of Ye and Kim Kardashian, dressed in her mini beige hoodie and leggings, was, hands down, the best part of the entire presentation. Judging by the photos of the toddler, she couldn’t care less that she was rubbing shoulders with Anna Wintour and Riccardo Tisci (she is only 2, after all). Or maybe she just knows she’s already more famous than most of the other plebeians who were in attendance. Or maybe, and most likely, she was enjoying her lollipop too much to care about anything else.

Embed from Getty Images

(Side note: While North was obviously the star of the show, Jaden Smith’s photo-bomb in this first pic gives him runner-up status. When you see it … )


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Rising Pop Star, Self-Proclaimed Armenian Cracker Bread Heiress And Her US Marine Husband Charged In Murder Of California Music Producer



Sparkle Soojian, 32, her fiancé Jared Kasiewicz, 28, and singer Courtney Argue, 25, face charges in the murder of John Michael King-Smith.


An aspiring pop singer and a self-proclaimed Armenian cracker heiress are among three people facing charges in the murder a Los Angeles man.

Sparkle Soojian, 32, and her fiancé Jared Kasiewicz, 28, were charged Monday with murder after John Michael King-Smith, 31, was found choked and beaten to death in a Glendale apartment Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Courtney Argue, 25

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Did You Know: Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Recorded A Duet In The 1980’s? (Video) (Poll)

Michael Jackson (L) and Freddie Mercury (R)

Thirty-three years after they first began work on the track, Queen finally released “There Must Be More to Life Than This” – featuring vocals by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson ,on their compilation album Queen Forever, which hit the shelves on November 11, 2014.

Well, I must have been under a rock because I had no clue! The song was written during the Hot Space sessions, but they never finished it and Mercury eventually released his own version on his 1985 solo debut Mr. Bad Guy.

Listen to the track below.


1411172774318_Image_galleryImage_1980_Michael_Jackson_visi images Michael-Jackson-Freddie-Mercury-Queen-More-To-Life-Than-This ho7umkcpwtlwfz82ljjr

Get Naturally Whiter Teeth In Just 3 Minutes (100% Works!)  

5. Things you’ll need

What You’ll Need
To get started, you’ll need a bowl, baking soda and a lemon!

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