Get Naturally Whiter Teeth In Just 3 Minutes (100% Works!)  

5. Things you’ll need

What You’ll Need
To get started, you’ll need a bowl, baking soda and a lemon!

4. Let’s get started!

First, start off by adding a heaped tablespoon of the baking soda into a bowl and at and chop until there are no more lumps.

3. Squeezing time!


Now it’s time to add lemon to the bowl. Cut the lemon into halves and squeeze into the baking soda. Stir the mixture together – and you may notice it bubble – don’t worry, this is normal!

2. Almost done!It’s ReadyWait until the bubbles have gone away, and until the solution has turned into more of a paste like solution. This means it’s ready!

1. Apply to your teeth


Now the solution is ready, apply to your teeth using either your finger or paper cloth. Leave on your teeth for about two minutes and then you can brush as normal.

This method should only be used once a week to help you remove stains and get whiter teeth!

Source: Get Naturally Whiter Teeth In Just 3 Minutes (100% Works!) > Viralship


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