By: Evie R.

This is a New York City apartment which was entirely redone to reflect a Dominican Republic Country Home or Casa de Campo as we say in Spanish. All the wall art, murals and canvases are painted by hand, it is not wall paper. This entire apartment from murals to interior decor, was done by my partner Ginger V. and myself. Who said you have to go over seas to live in a “Casa de Campo?” We can create any theme you may have in mind. Just fill out the form below and submit your inquiry.

2012-04-08 10.57.11   2012-08-26 11.55.07 2012-04-08 10.56.42   2012-04-08 11.01.37  2012-04-08 11.02.45   2012-08-19 13.03.30   2012-04-08 11.14.21   2012-04-08 11.14.49  2012-04-08 11.15.13   2012-04-08 11.09.48  2012-04-08 11.23.53  2012-04-08 11.24.49   2012-08-19 14.11.27  2012-04-08 11.24.25 2012-04-08 11.26.50  2012-04-08 11.25.49 2012-04-08 11.25.21  2012-08-27 21.34.33

CAM00542  CAM00544

2012-08-27 21.52.25  2012-08-27 22.57.46

2012-08-27 22.56.53




About Dominicanvixen

I am a lover of all things artistic, genuine and exciting! I am literally "woosahing" my way through life so that I may achieve greatness and longevity. Give a stranger a smile... it doesn't cost you anything! ☺

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