By: Evie R.

Hello Kitty themed girls room designed and painted by Ginger V. and myself. Custom made pillow set and valences also made by us. We  can create any theme for boys or girls! Shoot us an email, lets get your prince or princess the room of their dreams!

2012-04-08 10.30.53  2012-08-19 17.08.03     2012-08-19 17.08.31  2012-08-19 17.09.08    2012-04-08 10.50.02  2012-08-19 17.13.02   2012-04-08 10.50.30  2012-04-08 10.40.36 2012-04-08 10.40.20  2012-04-08 10.39.42   2012-04-08 10.33.34    2012-04-08 10.32.09      2012-04-08 10.32.44  2012-08-28 14.42.28   2012-08-28 14.43.01






About Dominicanvixen

I am a lover of all things artistic, genuine and exciting! I am literally "woosahing" my way through life so that I may achieve greatness and longevity. Give a stranger a smile... it doesn't cost you anything! ☺

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